Client Reviews

Thus Far, I have never been in a facility that has the outlook towards the clients they have. I feel as though I am living in a home that has structure and support. I’ve been to 6 other treatment centre’s and they all have something to offer and I took away something from all, but this treatment house gives me a balanced life in and out of the community, which to me is most important cuz I have to be comfortable outside of treatment that is where it is the hardest for me. I have one of the best opportunities through this home and with the supportive staff and board volunteers they already have here.

Client - November 2021

Having been at the bottom of the barrel – depressed -suicial and at the end of the rope. The Staff here probably saved my life.  My deameanor has changed. I’m smiling- hopeful and been clean for 25 days.  Future is looking better now than it has in quite some time.  Thanks GraceHouse

Client - November 2021

** Very good experience
** Wonderful Staff, very helpful and kind
** Programming is helping me in my recovery
** Programming is helping my mental health
** Good balance regarding programming between group, book work and OJS
** The food situation & meal plan and meals in general got much better the last month and half
** Everything is awesome including the people!

Client - November 2021

Grace House has given me a second chance at life. Bonnie and the Program have helped me become a better man, father and friend to the people who truly deserve the best version of myself. I have reconnected with family members that have not been in my life for a years due to my toxic past lifestyle. Most importantly my little girl has a sober father in her life. I am slowly but surely reinventing myself to become a responsible, loving, caring and progressive member of society. I can honestly say I love myself today, where as only 2 months ago I couldn’t stand to look at myself in the mirror. Without Gracehouse I would probably be dead and another child would be without a dad, so with that being said I owe my life to Gracehouse, Bonnie and everyone that helps !!

Updated - June 2022

Almost 10 months after walking through the doors of grace house I am still free from my ball and chain of alcohol and drugs. I wouldn't have thought in a million years that I could feel comfortable in my own skin and be able to handle anything that life throws at me without running to a liquor store or dope dealer. I spent almost a quarter of a century, "pardon my language but", getting effed up to numb the pain and deal with my day-to-day struggles. This hasn't been easy by any means but it's easier than it was 10 months ago that's for sure. Big shout out to Bonnie and all of the other amazing people that keep GRACE HOUSE an option for men that are suffering from a lifetime of B.S. that only know one way of dealing with it which is using drugs and alcohol. My recovery was 100% because of me but I could have never ever got to this point without GRACE HOUSE and Bonnie I owe that woman my life!! I've never been happier and my daughter has everything she needs which is my "whole" self and for that I am forever grateful to GRACE HOUSE for allowing me to live this thing called life without the booze and drugs all while being happy in the process. Last word of advice is "keep it simple" cause lifes too short

Client - Updated June 2022

This place is to help me get back on the track of life and has thus far helped me prepare to transition from my life of addiction to another life, sobriety and getting back into the workforce where I can be a productive member of society once again. Thank you for connecting me with the right resources and helping and allowing me time to get to know myself again.

The staff here are phenomenal with the efforts and support applied to the overall function of how this program works and I am a better man because of it. For this I am truly grateful and thank full.  If it wasn’t for this program I would still be using, or worse, I’d be dead.Thank you for saving me, and keep doing what you do .

Client - November 2021

My thoughts and experiences at Grace House - I am a 61 year-old resident at Grace House for approximately 61/2 weeks.  I knew the adjustment period was going to be somewhat difficult. I transitioned within about 1 ½ weeks to being comfortable with my road to recovery. Considering putting 10 men together under one roof 24- 7, I think I did fairly well. We’re different ages and come from various backgrounds.

I feel fairly welcomed and respected at most all times. I personally am going thru difficulties as with most residents.

The Staff and Volunteers from top to bottom have my utmost respect and regards. I feel they are doing the best they can with what they have. My little concern is that they get a little stretched doing their jobs.  A little bit more staffing would be nice to relieve some of their workload, especially on counselling.  A few upgrades on the facility would be nice.A great place for the road to recovery.  Thanks

Client - November 2021

My experience was awesome here. I can’t express enough gratitude to everyone here, truly dedicated staff, especially the office girls Cindy, Tracey, Dale and Charlene…you gals keep this place afloat, I admire that, I get this second chance on life. I have Grace House to thank for that, I’ll stay in touch, until then with love in my heart

Client - November 2021

Mark W.

First off, I’d like to talk about my time in Drumheller at the Grace House. My name is Mark W., I’m 38 years old and I have battled with alcohol and addiction since I was 23, when I lost my mother in 2004.I entered the Grace House on Aug 16, 2021, this was my intake date into the Grace House.Grace House helped me get my life back on track, within 3 weeks of being in the House I was asked to take the Top Guy role of the House. I took on this responsibility for the rest of my stay in the Grace House. It was an amazing experience.I graduated at the Grace House with my 3 month-90 days program. I am now working Full-time and back living up north. I am still sober to this day.I thank the amazing Staff at Grace House and especially my Counsellor Bonnie who helped me every step of the way.

Yours Truly,
Mark W.
June 2022

Client - June 2022

A Mothers Review

Through the eyes of a mother.... The day you were born ...God gave me the ultimate gift ..he gave me a mother's love give to you ...I cried when you were born ...the bond between a mother and her son . I held you in my arms and loved you. When you started school ...I walked you to the bus stop ...your little hand in mine cried because you didn’t want to were scared, I held you in my arms will be ok I said ..I love you . You were 11 ...big changes...I moved to stayed behind...we both cried will be ok I said ...I held you in my arms and said I love you ...I will always be close...remember Momma 911. 3 months later ...moved you out to Alberta with me...held you in my arms...we will never be apart again. 13 years old ...birthday party ...I bought a cake, you got drunk...ran away ..came back sorry...I held you in my arms, it will be ok ...I love you . The years passed ...the struggles were real...time after time I buried the truth ...held you in my will be ok...I love you ... Now you are 20 something...I see glimpses of my son...flashes of the little boy I held in my arms ...but now time has taken its tole...where my son once stood stands an addict....a liar...a con angry man…my son is lost. It is not ok. Years are now are slowly losing your grip on are drinking everyday…all day...making excuses ...hiding your addiction. It is not ok. We still have a raremoment where I hold you in my boy...God help him...please...I am losing is not ok. Now the seizures start .. At work…you collapse in a commercial kitchen...I run and turn you are covered in your own blood ..I thought you were is not ok. Another Ambulance call...this time you put your arm thru a kitchen ...your still drunk when I get to the is not ok. The last time you were admitted to the hospital the Dr. came in and said the road you were on would end 3 would be dead... MY GOD THIS IS NOT OK. The last come stay with me are so sick curl up in a bawl on the bed crying ...begging me to get you just one drink ...promising me you will quit just need one drink...I held you in my arms and asked God to please just take us both were giving up and I could not be on this earth without you ... That was the beginning of the end and the beginning of the rest of your life.Grace House.... God gave us Grace House. The day I walked you to the door ...bag in hand ...broken ...I did not know if either of us would survive. It was the hardest time of your life ...The Grace and Love in that House ...started to heal you from the inside out. Every day we talked ...sometimes we got thru minutes...somedays we got thru hours until you got thru it one day at a time. The Grace House gave my son his life back ...gave himthe tools to fight and be stronger than the addiction that took over his life. My God My God....thank you for Grace House...thank you for the people who cared for my son ...thank you for Daryl...thank you for giving my son the best chance of survival where so many fall short.... Every single day I am grateful for that day I walked him up those stairs and walked away....because now I hug him...and tell him I love him...howproud I am of the man he has become and how hard he fights every moment to stay sober ....Grace House are an Angel ! Thank you

Mother of a Client - June 2022

As a recovering alcoholic, I had a slip last summer. I wasn’t down and out, but was going that way again. I entered Grace house not anticipating much at first as I didn’t know what to expect. Through the program, I learned of the underlying issues that I had not resolved that led to my drinking. The house gave me life/behavior, lessons. With a relaxed class style setting, an AA meeting a day and in-house counseling I got better. What they can’t do in house, they directly gave me access to; doctors, psychologist, employment, and housing services. The staff is top-notch and has a variety of education, experience and skill sets that made the program a fully educational recovery experience.

Anonymous - December 2023

I was a Grace house client and now alumni. Let me start by saying how truly grateful I am, for the staff, the other clients and the Grace house program. I spent 90 days working hard on my step work and the programming provided, and I can honestly say, I am the best version of myself today because of it. it’s truly a program for a man to heal and recover with dignity and grace. The staff are amazing people, and the relationships I’ve built with them have helped me gain the integrity and determination I have today. If you’re thinking about the program, do yourself a favour and give them a call. I’ve bounced around a few treatment centres and can honestly say Grace house is in a league of its own. big thanks to the staff, the board, the clients passed and future, without you all, we wouldn’t have this amazing program available to us.

Ian Powell - Man of Grace.

Client - January 2024

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