Meet the Board of Directors

The Grace House Board of Directors

The Drumheller Society for Recovery is fortunate to rely on the sound judgment, wisdom of this diverse group of Board of Directors. Their passion for excellence and their belief in the value of the work will serve them well. Their professional experience is augmented by the fact that a significant number of the Board are in recovery themselves and are proud to serve as examples that change is possible.

Donna Powell - President

My husband and I have recently moved to the valley and plan on living out our retirement years here. I am presently retired from a career working in mental health and addictions. I have personal as well as professional experience in 12 Step Recovery and welcome this opportunity to make a contribution to my community.  I was appointed to the Board in Jan 2023 to fill a vacant position and am honored to able to be apart of this great Non-Profit Organization.  My role as Director transitioned into Acting President a month ago and I am honored to accept this role.

Work & Educational History

  • Graduated Psych nursing diploma Alberta Hospital Ponoka 1983

During my time there I took extra training in addictions including training at Henwood addiction in Edmonton and a placement with AADAC in Edmonton.

  • I worked at AHP for 6 years with 2yrs. at the Cottages dual diagnosis 28 day treatment program.
  • I moved to Ontario for my husband’s career in 1989 and completed my RN while there since psychiatric nursing was not recognized in Ontario.

During that time, I worked as a support worker in a group home for mentally handicapped persons as well as volunteered at a woman’s shelter.

  • Moved to Calgary in 1992 and worked at all 3 hospitals in Calgary in a causal capacity since this was a downsizing time in healthcare, most of my work was at Foothills hospital in out -patient mental health and addictions.
  • 1997 I worked at Alberta Mental Health as a counselor.

During this time, I worked for a new program downtown Calgary as the mental health addiction specialist and ran a community group at the Mustard seed using a harm reduction model. Sadly, this program was expensive to run and folded after less than 2 years.

  • Worked at sheriff King in a supervisory position for 1 yr. assisted in running a group for males who had abuse charges.
  • Ran psycho-educational groups and worked with clients doing one on one counseling in a 4-week specialized program for out-patients experiencing mental health issues

Jeremy MacKenzie - Vice President

I've been a Drumheller resident since 2016 and a local small business owner since 2017. I see a great organization that I believe I can contribute to in a positive way. Over 13 years sober myself, I believe I can provide a common sense, logical and thoughtful means of input with clear communication. My biggest interest is in seeing a successful, community-based program of sobriety.

Sheleigh Hoover - Secretary

After over 16 years working in law enforcement (BC Corrections and a local bylaw officer), I realized my compassion for others was wearing thin, so did what I call an 'about-face' and started my 'life' in the not-for-profit sector, working in management at a local men's shelter and then at a men's residential addiction treatment centre in Calgary.  I went on to work at a few local 'for profit' colleges and quickly noted that my heart is in the not-for-profit sector, and not the 'money first, students second' sector.

One of my biggest strengths is in documentation and policy writing, with a knack for being able to read and comprehend documents from different perspectives.  This skill has lead me to my current work as an Accreditation Consultant, and so far have brought 2 clients to a 100% success rate on their 'primer' accreditation surveys, with a few more clients on a strong path for success.

When MHSPA (Mental Health Services Protection Act) required all treatment centres in the province to be licensed, I had the honour of getting this treatment centre the first license ever granted.

It is an honor to join the D.S.F.R.,  I am looking forward to jumping in and offering my experience and expertise where needed.

Sara Yavis - Director

I have spent the last four years working in Corrections where the prevalence of addictions and the significance of community treatment/recovery support has been highlighted.

In my roles I have provided daily support to those in active addiction and various stages of recovery, as well, I have facilitated programs with some focus on substance abuse and work collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team.

I've been looking for a meaningful way to give back and this opportunity felt like the perfect fit as a I recognize and value the impact the D.S.F.R. has on our community.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be considered for a position as a Board Member and it would be an honor to represent and support the D.S.F.R.

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