Lawn Care

Take a break from yard work without feeling guilty. Spend the weekends with family and friends and allow us to use our expertise, to keep your lawn healthy and well manicured throughout the season. Your lawn completes the appeal of your house, invest a little every season and enjoy the fruit of your investment for years to come


Snow Removal

Winter can be hard on businesses and residents alike. As challenging as it can be, it is part of living in Drumheller. Let us ease the stress and back ache this winter all while keeping you safe and your property clear of snow. Our residential services combined with our shoveling, blowing, and salting will help you enjoy the winter more than ever.



Moving a few things or a household? Need some thing moved to the dump? – Grace House is here to help you!


Fall/Spring Clean Up

During our Spring cleanup services, we collect and dispose of all debris, leaves and dead branches/vegetation that have accumulated during the winter months in all plant beds, lawns, parking lots and more. We will also rake lawns as necessary to loosen matted grass. Power raking is also available.

Fall cleanup consists of raking/blowing as well as collecting and disposing of all debris and leaves from lawns, planters, parking lots, and planting beds. We will also clean out all planting beds and remove all dead vegetation and perennials.

Grace House

Odd Job Squad

The Odd Job Squad was originally formulated as a work therapy for helping men in recovery reintegrate back into everyday life. In addiction men’s self identity gets lost, by getting back out into the community, working and becoming contributing members of society once again that sense of self comes back again. By using the Grace House Odd Job Squad, you help these men on their road to recovery

Moving with our cube van


$200/ deposit required
Includes Cube van rental
2 men to assist with moving
Additional men can be provided for $30/hr
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Hourly Work

$30/hr per guy

Lawncare, clean up, snow removal - The men come out in the afternoons.
Snow Removal - The men come out early in the morning - afternoons
Minimum charge of  $15
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There must be no alcohol, mind-altering drugs, or drug paraphernalia that Grace House clients could encounter. You must agree that no person(s) will be under the influence of alcohol or mind-altering substances while the Grace House clients are providing the OJS service. If this occurs the OJS team will leave the worksite immediately without repercussions. Any deposit will be forfeited.


PURPOSE: To determine the target population served by the Drumheller Society for Recovery.

Use of Odd Job Squad waives any right of recourse I may now have or may require in the future against Drumheller Society of Recovery, o/a Grace House, it’s employees and agents; in the event any of my property sustains any loss/damage as a result of being moved by Grace House clients. Any damage to my furniture prior to moving is hereby acknowledged below. Share Current Furniture Scratches/Damages with staff.

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